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We are so pleased to have SinclairsLaw spending some time with us to provide any legal advice you might need. whether it’s about diagnosis, schools, EHCPs or any other issue, SinclairsLaw is there to help.

Jennifer Joan Stenhouse

Mindfulness for parents.

Mindfulness is a simple and effective way to de-stress, relax and improve your ability to deal with life’s challenges using techniques you can practice anytime, anywhere.


Transitioning into adulthood

Our specialist residential learning disability services are continuously evolving to meet the complex needs of individuals requiring a bespoke service.

Our uncompromising approach, ongoing investment and commitment to a sustainable future are reflected by our dedicated staff teams and high-quality therapeutic services.

We carefully design and build environments that meet each individual’s needs and facilitate the delivery of their person focused care and support.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sensory overwhelm?   Now is your opportunity to find out.

What does it feel like to have sensory overload? We are very excited to have the sensory bus on site all weekend. If you would like to experience what our children and adults feel every day, you will have the opportunity to step into their world. It’s an eye-opener!

Ollie and His Super Powers 

Ollie Coaches supporting families and children. Ollie & His Superpowers is a simplistic but powerful way for us all to understand why we feel what we feel and that no one can make us think or feel anything we don’t allow ourselves to.

Ollie and Ali talking about words that hurt and why.When people say cruel things they just throw words at you, and they hit your shoulder or arm or leg or your bottom!! , Why would your bottom mind being called stupid? It wouldnt !! -words can only hurt if you collect them up and put them in your head or heart… Interestingly I asked all the girls to write a name they had been called on the bits of paper and the most dominant name was fat…

Posted by Ollie And His Super Powers on Friday, March 4, 2016